Prospective Client Appointments

November 12, 2022

Updated December 11, 2022

How to Become a Client

Because of the sensitive nature of the accountant-client relationship, a prospective client cannot simply sign up for access to Andrew Griffith CPA's client portal. Instead, one must first have a virtual meeting with Andrew Griffith CPA before access to this portal can be granted.

You can schedule your free 30 minute virtual meeting with Andrew Griffith CPA in the appointment scheduling system immediately below on this webpage. This virtual meeting will take place via Google Meet. A unique link will be sent to your email account by my appointment scheduling system. If, for some reason, the virtual meeting will not work for your circumstances, a phone conversation with Andrew Griffith CPA may suffice. Under no circumstances will portal access be granted for only emailed communications.

I strive to keep your data safe and secure at all times. This process begins by ensuring that those who have access to my portal are legitimate and have valid reasons for access to my portal.

I look forward to discussing your circumstances with you soon.

Andrew Griffith, DBA, EA, CPA (NY), CMA, CIA, CFE, CRMA